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Quick Introduction

<aside> <img src="" alt="" width="40px" /> Open Scout is a non-exclusive scout program that helps founders connect with a network of over 1,000 active investors and other helpful resources. Here's a post with a longer explanation.


The Tiers

🚲 Applicant (if you fill out the application above)

🏍️ Scout in training (if accepted to the onboarding process)

🏎️ Scout (after 10 founder referrals or your 1st scouted startup)

πŸš€ Distinguished Scout (after 100 founder referrals or your 10th scouted startup)

βž• AWS University Scout (available to Scouts who are active undergraduate students in the U.S.)

⚠️ Dishonorable Discharge (if you purposefully break the rules)

The Perks

🎯 This program is about gaining experience and building your track record. We give you the context within which you can do that.

πŸ“£ The title of "Scout" is an outward sign of your involvement in the startup community.

🏎️ Being a Scout comes with perks:

πŸš€ Being a Distinguished Scout comes with a lot moreΒ perks:

βž• Being an AWS University Scout comes with additional AWS provided perks:

Your Resume

When this is all said and done it will boil down into a few lines on your resume that can be as powerful as you make them. Our team is here to give you the tools to stand out, but you will be the only one that controls the outcome. You will get what you give.

As a Scout